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Employee Benefits Insurance

Protect your Greatest Assets

Your employees are the heart of your business. Nurture and support them to be their best.
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Advantages of Employee Benefits

Protect your employees and their families against unforeseen medical and hospitalisation expenses

Attract better talent to your company and stand out from other companies

Improves workplace productivity, morale and appreciatation for the company

Encourages responsiblilty to not spread viruses in office and recuperate without financial worries at home 

Employee Benefits Insurance
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Work Injury Compensation

A Mandatory Employer Policy

We protect both employers and employees from unforeseen accidents. This is a mandatory insurance for all manual employees and all non-manual employees earning up to $2,600 per month.

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Group Personal Accident

Offering employees cover against accidents and providing comprehensive financial protection against hefty expenses incurred due to disablement or death resulting from accidental injury.

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Foreign Worker Medical

A Mandatory Employer Policy

All employers are to cover and maintain medical insurance coverage of at least $60,000 per year for each Work Permit & S Pass holder.

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Group Travel

Shield employees when they are travelling overseas for your business. It protects both employer and employee from risks and financial losses such as trip cancellation, delays, medical costs, or missing baggage.

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Group Health

Employees are one of the greatest assets to your business. Cover your employees with health insurance benefits such as:

✓ Hospital & Surgical ✓ Outpatient GP ✓ Outpatient SP ✓ Dental ✓ Vision ✓ Wellness

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Workers Security Bonds

A security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government if either you or your worker breaks the law, Work Permit conditions or security bond conditions. It is mandatory to buy a $5,000 security bond for each non-Malaysian Work Permit holder you employ.

Employee Benefits

Excellent Flexibility

Customise your coverage to suit your employees’ needs
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Who is the employee benefits insurance for?

Our policies are available for employees with various occupational class types. Contact our agents for advice on the different types of policies available.

Finding the best value for your business

No more pre-packaged insurance with extra coverage that will not even apply to for company. We believe in only paying for what you need. Here at ION, we offer a tailored employee benefits insurance option where you get to pick the types of coverage suitable for your company.

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Give your employees the support they deserve.

Get a Free Consultation

ION is experienced in providing services for all types of companies such as MNCs, SMEs, and large organisations. Let us put together a customised policy that will be of the best value for your company. Get in touch with our consultants today!

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